Who we are

Identifying a lucrative opportunity and untapped market, Martin Eisikovic, visionary and member of the watch industry for over a decade, created a way to profitize used and scratched watches and transform them into sales. Tired of seeing quality timepiece after timepiece stockpiled in yet another cavernous warehouse, Martin offered a reverse logistics solution to help avoid this seemingly unavoidable problem. In 2012, Opened boxed returns was born and within six months of launching, Martin, with a strong business model in hand, was able to turn likely declines into restored profit.

As an expert in all aspects of the supply chain with a focus on reverse logistics, he saw the need to assist online retailers with a widespread return issues. With his knowledge of the business and proven method of success, Martin decided to tap into other industries using the same framework that propelled sales in his watch endeavor. To date, these businesses have grown exponentially and include products from the electronic, household, infant, and medical industries. While Martin focuses on the rapid growth of his company, he still maintains close interpersonal relationships with each client. His problem solving skills have piloted Opened Box Return’s success and transformed a spark of innovation into a prosperous enterprise devoted to its loyal customers. Martin and his ambitious team look forward to sharing their experiences with you.